Mind Yer Heid Walking Football Sessions at Fairfield Community Hub with Walk and Talk Scotland.
Where: Fairfield Community Hub [Astroturf] When Sundays from 1.00pm to 2.00pm
Sunday afternoon, I visited the Mind Yer Heid Walking Football Session at Fairfield Community Hub, where I met Rich PT of Walk and Talk Scotland and Jim Sorrie of Fairfield Community Hub.
It was good to see that walking football here did “exactly what it says on the tin”!
Rich PT who organises these sessions for MYH introduced me to Jim from {FCH} and Maggie, who I recognised from my coaching days with Dundee United at Gussie Park. Maggie is one of those that coaches with the group.
Rich later explained how this all started.
“Jim and I have a mutual friend in Gordon Farquharson and so before Christmas last year we met up to talk about the sessions that would be Free and for Mental Health.
The sessions started the beginning of the year and it has grown over the year. Walk and Talk Scotland are affiliated with Fairfield Community Hub and Walking Football Scotland. Walking Football is the largest growing sport in Scotland.
Also, we have a link up partnership with SAMH one of the largest Mental Health Organisations in the country.”
Every Sunday the Mind Yer Heid Walking Football group meet for 1 hour of walking football at Fairfield Community Hub [Just off Happyhillock Road]. Its Free to attend There is no restriction to age or gender. In fact, Rich and Maggie are keen to see more women taking part in these Walking Football Sessions.
To read my full report on this great initiative please click the below link :
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